Customised Container For SkyGo Hardbanding

09 August 2018.  

  SkyeGo Hardbanding Video

We recently delivered a customised container to Hardbanding Solutions' factory in Irvine, Scotland, UK. The container was built in our factory, and includes parts and kit manufactured by Glenhead Engineering in their factory adjacent to ours.

Hardbanding's oilfield customers can use the container as a novel portable solution. A short video can be viewed by clicking on the image to the left. To read and see more about the containers, please scroll down.


The containers are a new concept for hardbanding, which allows the process to be portable around various sites of an oilfield drilling customer as an alternative, or addition, to a stationary in-house solution.

skyego_self_contained skyego_inside

The construction of these containers is a joint project by us and our sister company, Glenhead Engineering, who have the experience and facilities for manufacturing parts and tools.

Hardbanding is a process in which a wear-resistant alloy is applied to the tool joints of drillpipe or drill collars to prolong the life of oilfield tubulars. Hardbanding is applied where rotational and axial friction associated with drilling and tripping creates excessive abrasive wear between drillstring and casing, or between drillstring and rock. Hard alloy overlays are applied to the points of greatest contact, typically using advanced welding techniques.

For more images of the Skye and SkyeGo, visit Hardbanding's gallery.

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